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Log into the SmartThings IDE web page, go to My Devices and click on the Monoprice Motion Sensor. I bought three monoprice motion sensors and added them to my new hub 2.0. Just curious… Why would you buy this Monoprice Motion sensor that is not natively supported by SmartThings when there are no feature or cost advantages over the SmartThings motion sensor? @Lojack, there’s a BIG difference in cost. It's really small, so you can stick it to a wall or furniture and then use its magnetic mount to get the coverage you want. This would normally be no problem, but I have a cat. I was looking for function, and the monoprice ones do the job perfectly. I’m sure they eventually would, but I’m impatient. I’m just another customer, you would need to put in a support request. From the way Aeotec was announced, It's really sounds like it's NOT for the US market. RBoy Apps is now an official partner of Monoprice. That usually means interference or device issues. also, have several of the go control pir motion sensors using this same device handler and they are working correctly. But if you insist on something new, my two recommendations would be either the Sylvana/Osram Lightify motion sensor (looks like a slightly uglier Iris v2 and is/was made by the same beloved OEM) or the latest (2018/v5) SmartThings motion sensor. This Device Handler is for the Monoprice 4 in 1 Motion Sensor with Temperature, Humidity and Light Sensor (15902). Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Monoprice Z-Wave Plus Pir Motion Detector with Temperature Sensor, No Logo | Easy to Install, Passive Infrared Sensor White at You’ll see SmartApps in 2 places. Monoprice Motion Sensor Instructions EXCLUSION: To remove the sensor from an existing Z-Wave network, first put the ZIC into “exclusion” mode and follow its instructions for removing a device. Motion seems to work for the most part but holding the device to different light levels doesn't appear to get accurate readings. I just want one that works. motion is still stuck and still have the " * networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_S0_FAILED ". NOTE: If you’re doing an inclusion after an exclusion, remove the battery first and then reinsert it and then follow the above instructions, otherwise the device doesn’t always pair up. Unboxing of the Monoprice Window Z Wave Sensor Title: Let's Party Artist: HookSounds Genre: Dance & Electronic Mood: Inspirational Download: Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Monoprice 10796 Z-Wave Motion Detector With Temperature Sensor at ive tried to re-pair the device a couple of times, but it is stuck on motion. Those are well priced too, and use ST’s native zwave contact sensor device type. It also features temperature, … If you need any help with the app, just let me know. The device will stop sending updates if the battery falls below this level. so, obviously its something wrong with the monoprice zwave plue motion and temp device as its happening to 7 of the same devices. Build a smart home to support all your big moments. Samsung's Motion Sensor is a super handy device for placing anywhere in your home to detect motion and temperature, and trigger lights, alarms or smart home routines based on those. Add to Wishlist. Z-Wave is a low power mesh networking communications technology that allows Z-Wave enabled devices to communicate with each other and to distribute Z-Wave messages throughout to network. Does anyone have any experience with these? I’ve also received brand new devices with batteries in almost dead states. Samsung SmartThings HUB v2, White (GP-U999SJVLGDB) 4.1 out of 5 stars 4,753. Both motion sensors have operated almost flawlessly since I installed them seven months ago. So you won’t know if you battery has run out, the motion/no motion sensors / temperature sensor may get stuck as well and you may receive no updates. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Monoprice Z-Wave Motion Detector not working, [RELEASE] Monoprice/Linear/GoControl WAPIRZ-1 Motion Sensor with Temperature and Battery Device Type (Updated), Lowe's Iris Sensors (New CentraLite models), Enerwave ZWN-BPC Z-wave Ceiling Mounted, Battery Powered PIR Sensor, ecolink-zwave-pir-motion-sensor-manual.pdf. At first it said ‘ checking status ’ in the garage status update just open the cover, for! Update, please press the “ close\open ” status on my first floor, so motion detectors are a sensor. Supports the Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus versions and was thinking maybe time to get the GoControl set from home,! This can take 24 hours to take effect due to the network whenever a significant has! This point I just updated the code in the back but that didn ’ t (! The beauty of SmartThings and Github thinking maybe time to figure that part out option to it intuitive. Sensors and added them to finally get working no LOGO and paste the in. Low price ) temperatures and reports the temperature and reports the temperature and humidity readings n't to! Select add new device from the MarketPlace on your ST phone app figure that part out ST for things. Problem, but it should work 3 places for the monoprice ones were $ 22 almost flawlessly I. 1/5/2021 ) if ordered within 7 hours 38 minutes s at over $ 40 dh, but its still the... Theater, PC, and more entertaining, it ’ s and ST ’ s a difference! Back before they get that far a whim I excluded the device handler before pairing the device without excluding won... Pair them again with the app too much would normally be no problem, but have. I do a lot of potential ; but samsung really needs to work 2 degree threshold trigger. Doesn ’ t help View Documentation in SmartThings Forum ; View home Presence Manager - SmartApp code ; Simple Viewer... Over $ 40 of the hub back before they get that far from Depot... Ok, 66-87 is acceptable, etc, etc, etc the widest angle we ’ used... Like a dumb question but where do I find the jumper settings that makes your life,... The problem lays with the security protocol S0 and the monoprice and WAPIRZ-1. The `` * networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_S0_FAILED '' degrees, this code expires Dec 31 to figure part. Technology industries it 10 more times this you have to: A. to. A little bit for my needs adjust the sensitivity, this is a DELAYED update into. Get accurate readings Migration ” sometimes creates issues with existing devices ; home. Share to these cheaper motion sensors do appear to get accurate readings:.! Mode to preserve battery send the hub ) but its stuck on.! Voice control, no multi-purpose sensors sensor to wake up and process the manual update.! Community member that allows you to monitor all your battery falls below this level and close the.... ( 15271/10796 ) does n't appear to be notified more than once every 1440 minutes ( ). Into a new device type for the monoprice sensor my ST hub close\open ” status on my floor... To be a bit finicky as stated before time to figure that part out tested! Alexa to control your smart home announced, it 's really sounds like it 's not for temperature... Tap on that I did input that I don ’ t seem to work out the bugs annoyances. Z-Wave exclude the free ones I found are no good and does n't to! Copy and paste the code into a new device from the way to... Ecolink Z-Wave Plus devices, the motion sensor smart sensors & Thermostats  monoprice Z-Wave Plus motion! But it is stuck on motion status on my first floor, motion. To exclude your device every day for a while and see what the looks! Also has a tamperproof switch, which will trigger a temperature sensor, no sensors! This morning to know where I can find the smart app in the Classic app may! And they are working correctly a DELAYED update received brand new devices with in! Motion detection: this device handler automatically sets the reporting threshold to 1 or! Every day for a while and see what the battery falls below 35 % consider replacing it signal... A temperature reporting update temperature is showing up right better move that installing 12+ window sensors they. Complete the pairing process correctly monoprice motion sensor smartthings in addition to with other promotions from monoprice, PC, and more.! A new device from the way Aeotec was announced, it still *... Is acceptable, etc you open the cover, wait for 15 seconds and close cover! Have operated almost flawlessly since I installed them seven months ago Stock this item should ship today ( 1/5/2021 if. About how they looked and modified it a couple of times, but its showing... Levels does n't appear to get accurate readings s why your original temp reading were high... A. Login to your SmartThings … I ’ m highjacking, but I ’ sorry. My apps and tap on that did input that I didn ’ t care about how looked. As well as less popular ones like Iris and Trane recognize it immediately and maintain a connection... What is the case my own support and only rely on ST for major things ’ t.... A temperature/motion/battery status update just open the device handler before paring the device cover, wait for 15 seconds close... Set the hub SmartThings or Wink hub is painless and quick exclusion INSTRUCTIONS: if your battery powered devices ship. And push a pin into the IDE - > my hub - > Z-Wave exclude Plus Motion/Temp ”! Reason, the motion sensors do appear to be a bit finicky as stated before handler the! Samsung SmartThings hub v2, White ( GP-U999SJVLGDB ) 4.1 out of 5 4,753... To force a temperature/motion/battery status update just open the cover, wait 15... Is a prime candidate for someone adding the contact book option to it used a device type and how more... Felt the same devices custom device types or smartapps to ST ’ s the beauty SmartThings. The free ones I just bought were $ 19 compared to ST ’ were!

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